#99715  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月23日 12時24分
Amounts of energy is expressed through the actions that is put onto the instrument.

#99714  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月23日 12時13分
Resonance coming from the commonly named feeling


#99713  チョウチョウ
HANDLE: 白うさぎ DATE: 2022年7月22日 10時47分
すごくいい。他の所の香りを嗅ぎに行くのはいつも楽しくてわくわくすることだ。 お姉さんと一緒に時間を共有するのが想像だけでも楽しい。 食べたいものを考えよう。 良いエーテルに会うために私たちはもっと好きになるだろう。

いつ返事を見るか分からないけど、それでも書きたかったの。 私yehyangだよ。

#99712  生き方を考え、改めなくては
HANDLE:  DATE: 2022年7月22日 3時46分






#99711  Re: dž
HANDLE: Actual: dž DATE: 2022年7月22日 2時51分
Who is yehyang? Who is jiwon? Monsieur

What are you talking about and why?

#99710  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月22日 0時38分
yehyang and jiwon promised to go to Japan!!
cool summer night and feel so good..
monsieur sin is recommending yehyang to eat proteins...

#99708  Positive2
HANDLE: Newnormality DATE: 2022年7月20日 20時42分

#99707  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月20日 14時0分
Enabled for sightings

#99706  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月20日 13時37分
Lily Chou-Chou's magnum opus: Breathe

#99705  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月20日 13時31分

#99704  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月20日 12時41分
"You know it doesn't like that name"

#99703  Positive
HANDLE: Newnormality DATE: 2022年7月20日 1時18分
Returning home with it.
Alone, alone, food at the entrance.
The fever has gone down, but the coughing continues.
My mind was starting to work.
Now, I just finished watching ETHER.
This is the second time. I first saw it 10 years ago.
I shed a lot of tears during the scene where Tsuda looks up at the kite.
It was not because I remembered the tragic scene that followed.
It was purely because the scene was brutal and beautiful.
A kite cannot fly unless a string ties it to the person who controls it.
The string is called destiny.
The person is NOT called GOD.


#99700  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 12時15分
The sharp bifurcation of the air
The blinding shine will raid the universe and the sky someday
It will rip the ether world into a physical copy
Where those will prosper peacefully


#99699  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 12時10分
The corruption of the ether
Won't be tolerated

#99698  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 12時9分
My engine keeps being renewed
Not one engine is enough
The engine keeps running
And keeps running out
The engine I have is exhausting

I want to know, the feeling of having no engine

If there is no feeling
Then I still need to know

If there is no answer
Then I still want no engine

I want whatever TRUE freedom is

Not humanoid concepts but whatever my hands can grasp the true truth

#99697  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 11時53分
The issues of the world
Pile and pile up
More information, more situations
More and more and more

Issues, issues, issues
These issues are issued in issues
I offered miniscule help

I don't know
I really don't know

A burden
A mistake

I feel as though as if

I shouldn't
but I do

I don't find the existence of suffocating in suffering fine/normal

I'd rather ignore
but even then

My constant "learning" road won't stop

I don't know

I have only a comfortable amount of sympathy and empathy

I will not adjust this amount

For if I do

I will break and never restore again

As if this isn't Déjà vu already

#99696  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 11時23分
The randomized creation of existence
The most annoying randomization of all
The most traumatic, and saddest
Melancholy swerves in hatchets
Pockets of reality
Go diagonally, and vertically
Everything in this "world"
Doesn't exist
No longer
The universe just expires
The universe just isn't just any longer

#99695  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 11時16分
Where we go depends on the mood of the ether.

#99694  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 10時30分
The killer in me is the killer in you


#99693  dž
HANDLE: dž DATE: 2022年7月18日 10時29分
Fighting till the end that's how I rock